Alacer Mas: a past, a present and a future ...

The beginning

Our activity began in 1978 with the name of ALACER OSONA, SA. We use this word formed with the prefix "AL" i suffix "ACER", insisting on our two major products: aluminum and stainless steel. In 1982, the company is dissolved, but continued his activity as a sole proprietorship by Ramon Mas, who is set to Vic and the new firm called ALACER MAS. The business prospers and, in 1987, started the new department of industrial supplies selling for metallurgic, chemical and food industries.

The first expansion

Our first territorial expansion started in 1988 with a new center in Manresa (Barcelona). It is also an important year because it had a sole proprietorship to a corporation. After consolidating the new store, we decided to introduce us in the metropolitan area of Barcelona in 1989. It's time for new center in Parets del Vallès. In 1992, we were released in Lleida after LAMO COMMERCIAL absorption. Initially, we opened an office, but then we can serve from a warehouse itself.

In the Basque Country

In 1994, our expansion is located outside Catalonia with the purchase of METALACEROS, a firm founded in 1928 based in Bilbao Gran Via. At first, we operate from the Bilbao district of Elorrieta and in 1998 when we opened the current Galdakao center. In 1996, we internationalize with a sales office in Perpignan to serve our customers in the South of France. MAS ALACER activity has no pause between 1999 and 2005, renew our two stores in Vic and the Manresa and Lleida warehouses.

Industrial activity

Year 2005 marks a before and after in our history. Until then we have developed commercial activity only now begin our industrial activity. We acquired the warehouse of Mollet del Vallès and installed our machine flattened and cut coils. A year later, in 2006, bought several industrial buildings at the TUCSA industrial park in Parets del Vallès, which functioned as a logistics hub for the group ALACER. These stores provide a platform for our offices in Spain and southern France.

In Aragon & Girona

MAS ALACER continues its expansion in Spain, this time through a joint venture. In 2008 we reached an agreement with the ESCOBEDO family to operate in Aragon. We will have a center in the Centrovía industrial park (La Muela, Zaragoza), which will be joined another in Sarria de Ter (Girona) shortly after, in 2009. A year later, in 2010, we invested in the photovoltaic plant on the roofs of our warehouse in Parets and acquire the lands in Gurb (Barcelona) where to build our present headquarters.

The new headquarter

In 2012, we again expand, this time in the center of Spain, by buying the SADINOX company. We will have a new distribution center in the town of Coslada (Madrid). It is also in 2012 when the firm acquired FERRETERIA COMELLA of Vic (Barcelona) and moved to the new Gurb headquarter. Precisely in this center, during 2013, new pipe polishing machines begin to function and acquires a new machine 'cutting lance' and 'slitter', reaffirming our industrial sense bringing value to our customers.

The new headquarter

In 2014 we installed a combined "CTL" machine to flatten and cut strips starting from "SLITTER" coils, incorporating the aluminum in the cut to size.

During 2016, in the Pol.Ind of Erletxe in Galdakao, we doubled the surface available in this center with the acquisition of a warehouse of 3500 m2. In this year we also adapted a new logistic center in Parets del Valles of 17,000 square meters about 300 meters from the old power station, now a branch of the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

The new headquarter

In 2018 the CTL machines with cutting capacity acquired in 2017 of 2 meters wide and 10 mm thick and the one that was in the center of Mollet have been moved to the logistic center of Parets del Valles, where they will be located to enhance better synergies between the two ..

Finally, keeping our entrepreneurial and innovative spirit alive in 2019, the construction of a new logistics center in Madrid is being prepared, with a plot of 6000 m2 starting the activity in the middle of this next year. From where we can supply the entire Southwest Center of the Iberian Peninsula. The new facilities in Parets are also being adapted in C / Edison to move supplies and be next to the rest of materials and products, being in operation in March 2019.